Author: Adrian Selby

Date of Publication: 15th March 2016

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2/5

***Netgalley Review***

After spending days struggling through this and using various tactics to try and plough my way to the finish line, I finally had to give Snakewood up for a loss around the 16% mark.

I feel like somewhere in here is a great story. There were moments when I did enjoy Snakewood, especially with particular characters holding the reigns. However, for me the biggest detractor was definitely the style of writing the author chose to employ. I found the whole thing so overwhelmingly impenetrable that I often didn’t understand the context of what was being said, what was happening or occasionally even who was doing the speaking. I was regularly puzzled, having to re-read several times and still coming up with nothing. I even checked to ensure there wasn’t a sequel or prequel to this novel, and that I wasn’t missing some pre-existing texts which would make everything appear clear. Alas, all remained inscrutable, written it felt for an insider to this world and these people…which as a reader I definitely am not.

The brews were great, and I really loved the idea of them. Their side effects were also fascinating. I was also intrigued by Kailen’s Twenty – I would have liked to get to know them better (as well as those who wanted to do them harm).. However the writing was too big of an obstacle to overcome for me, and therefore I unfortunately had to put this down before finding out the answers.


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