The Rosegiver

Author: Sandy Benitez

Date of Publication: 2nd April 2016

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2/5

***Netgalley Review***

I think that the idea behind this is really cool. Using roses to predict people’s fate has a sweet, English provincial sort of feel about it which really drew my interest. However I think this concept is completely drowned out by the noise of the thousand other plot points going on throughout the novella.

I can count off the top of my head five different main plots which went in this – a novella barely passing two hundred pages. There just wasn’t enough room for it all and as a result none of the interesting ideas developed into anything further than just that – ideas.

Writing was also really inconsistent. I found myself being shown the perspectives of different characters one after another, with no change noted until it happened. I felt out of all the characters, John was the most interesting (with his mysterious limp and a past which doesn’t quite add up) but he had to share page time with Ronan (who didn’t find characterization beyond his job role). Rachel, as a lead, felt really bland.

I felt sad when I came to the last page and realized I wasn’t interested in what happened next. I feel this is primed for a sequel, but the delivery completely lost me.


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