Hidden Monster

Author: Amanda Strong

Genre: Fantasy

Date of Publication: 4th November 2014

Rating: 2/5

***Netgalley Review***

When I originally read the synopsis for Hidden Monster, I assumed I was going to get a good chunk of ‘terrifying kidnapped situation’ before getting into a greater mystery. If that is the reason why you picked up this book, allow me to enlighten you – it’s not going to happen. One of the things I didn’t like about this book was the fact that the kidnapping, so integral to the plot though it is, takes up a mere handful of pages. The aftermath is what the book is about and, to be blunt, the aftermath just isn’t for me.

I’m not in any way saying this is a bad book. If I were to pick a word to describe the book, I would call it a little goofy. The fantasy concept felt goofy, the paint by numbers whodunnit regarding the kidnapping is goofy (I worked it out in five minutes flat and then spent the rest of the book hoping I was wrong – I wasn’t) and the love story is goofy.

I think perhaps, in the end, I was the wrong audience for this. A younger reader might find a lot to love here. Personally, I didn’t.


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