The Outliers

Author: Kimberley McCreight

Date of Publication: 3rd May 2016

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: 2.5 / 5

***Netgalley Review***

I was really torn when reading this. Wylie; a teenager who suffers from mental illness and has just lost her Mom, seemed like a compelling lead character. Place her in a story which is more thriller than Sci-Fi along with the school jock to act as her “odd couple” partner in mystery and you’ve got an interesting concept.

However I felt too often with The Outliers that I’d guessed the plot twist pages before it was revealed. I counted three occasions in which I had already worked out major reveals way too early; making them largely inaffective. I didn’t even have the suspense of wondering whether I was right in my guesses – I was confident from the moment I suspected; and I was always disappointingly accurate.

I thought Cassie was poorly characterised; a lot her her decisions didn’t make sense – even taking into account the irrationality of her character. Whilst I wanted to root for Wylie and Jasper, I felt that they were painfully slow to catch on sometimes. At other times they were connecting dots in ways which stretched imagination.

I liked the idea behind The Outliers. However for me poor execution meant that my enjoyment was severely hampered.


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