Author: C.M. McCoy

Date of Publication: 9th December 2015

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.5/5

*Reviewer Note: This book was kindly gifted to me directly from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. Thank you to the lovely Colleen and BookBuzz for this opportunity!*

Eerie is a book which evoked in me a storm of contrasting emotions. At once I found myself frustrated, compelled, angered, entranced…I could probably write an essay but let me break Eerie down into its best and worse (in my own humble opinion).

Firstly; I didn’t like Hailey. Not because she cried a lot and did everything wrong. If the things that had happened to her had happened to me I would cry a lot and do everything wrong. Because I am a human and so is she. However her reactions to things felt so teenage girl as to be beyond vexing. Saying that – if I were a twelve to fourteen year old reader, I might feel very differently about the whole thing. In fact – that would be one of my provisos for reading Eerie – it’s dark, gory, adult themed – but it isn’t necessary for adults. The age group listed above would probably find this really compelling.

However I did like some of the side characters. Asher and Finn at first pissed me off. I won’t lie. Yet after spending some time thinking about them, their characters, their motivations, I came to understand where McCoy was coming from. Of course Asher is both violently against and madly for his feelings for Hailey. He’s not human. He doesn’t understand emotions. What happens when an all powerful being experiences confusing and not wholly wanted emotion? It tries to kill the root. His actions were less objectionable to me than Hailey’s own – her loyalty to him romantically was really trying at times. Then again – if he was the only thing stopping me from getting my soul ripped out by an evil Envoy, I might kiss him too.

Finn was 80% awesome and 20% pure frustration. I worked out pretty early on why he was being a number one jackass sometimes and it tempered my tooth grinding. If we were going to choose teams for this romance, I would be 1000000 times over team Finn.

Quick shout-out to my favourite character – Giselle. C.M, if you’re reading this – MORE GISELLE PLS. She’s complex and interesting. If something were to happen to Hailey and Giselle were to become the main character, I would totally be on board. In the spirit of fairness, Hailey did a lot of growth in this book. There are more installments to come, and I can feel that in future books she can develop a lot.

The world built here is weird – and weird is my favourite paranormal fantasy genre. Bear Town is awesome, with all its inventive strange and wonderful creatures. I got properly into the book the moment Hailey boarded the Luftzeug. What came before – a little YA, a little noir, a little fantasy – wasn’t for me. However paranormal Hogwarts? YES.

Overall this is a fair debut. I am intruiged to read further installments but I think there’s a lot of work to come. A strong world building talent needs to be supplemented by a greater focus on making the romantic elements interesting (instead of seeing the same characters making the same mistakes three or four times in a row before realising their mistakes) and character development.


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