Author: Angela Slatter

Date of Publication: 7th July 2016

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4/5 

***Netgalley Review***

Vigil is not what I expected. After being a long time fan of Angela Slatter (I adored Of Sorrow and Such), I was surprised to find that this, her first novel, is an urban fantasy. However my surprise soon morphed into pleasure – boy, can Angela Slatter world build.

Brisneyland (as she so fondly calls Brisbane) is now turned into a place with an incredibly dark underbelly. Slatter has already proven herself in her other works as a master of the macabre when she wants to be – and the creatures which stalk Brisbane are certainly macabre. However all is lightened with a sarcastic sense of humour accompanying the whole, chiefly coming from Verity – the main character.

I liked Verity – I would probably like her more after reading a sequel and getting more character development. Her interaction with both Wyrd and Normal characters were great – I especially enjoyed Ziggy, her chauffeur come Father figure. I wasn’t one hundred percent sold on her love interest, but I think with time I could really come to enjoy the couple. It wouldn’t be a Slatter offering without a plethora of strong female characters and Verity was just one of many women who made their mark in this book (both for better and for worse!)

Occasionally the story could become a little messy – perhaps one too many plot strands woven together for a perfectly seamless offering. However Vigil definitely kept me gripped until the final page. I am eagerly looking forward to the upcoming sequel!


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