The Taming of the Queen

Author: Philippa Gregory

Date of Publication:

Genre: Historical Fiction

Rating: 4/5

Some of my earliest reading memories are plucking historical fiction from my Mom’s bookshelves to read late into the night. Jean Plaidy was a great favourite – as was Philippa Gregory.

The Taming of the Queen is very much the vein of her earlier books. I really enjoyed her portrayal of an ageing Henry. Sometimes things were a bit too overblown (there’s a certain scene involving a whip which I didn’t feel fit in with the rest of the story too well!) but overall the changeable, sickly, murderous King was well done. Katheryn Parr I flicked between liking and loathing – occasionally she would misunderstand something so shockingly that I could only wonder how a lady of such intelligence could be so very slow. However for the most part Katheryn was what she was – a woman placed in an impossible situation, with an incredibly heavy, unasked for burden.

If you’re a Tudor Court fan, you’ll enjoy this.


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