Author: Elizabeth Gracen

Date of Publication: 9th June 2016

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2/5

This book was obtained via Netgalley, in exchange for a fair review. My thanks go to Book Baby and the author for the opportunity.

Sometimes, an author chooses a chronology which doesn’t work. This, in short, is what I feel is the main downfall of Shalilly. I certainly can’t criticise Elizabeth Gracen’s grasp of language; she weaves a sentence in the way of the truest fairy tales. Nor can I say that I didn’t find the glimpses we get of the Paradigm to be fascinating; I would love to be an Alice in that particular Wonderland. However the backwards chronology; throwing the reader headfirst into the story before using the rest of the book to explain the background, didn’t feel effective here.

Fippa and Ision could be interesting characters, both, if allowed the room to grow into the slim character development they were given. Likewise, a promising villain is given little to do other than thwart our heroes plans. Other characters, save the sage like mother figure, are barely given names, let alone things to do to advance or enrich the story.

I enjoyed Shalilly for the promise of what it held, but I despaired of what was the final product. I would recommend Shalilly for a quick read, a brief glimpse into a magical world and to enjoy Elizabeth’s Gracen’s descriptive writing.


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