Emerald Bound

Author: Teresa Richards

Date of Publication: 25th September 2015

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3/5 

I was given this book in exchange for a fair review. My thanks go to Teresa Richards, Evernight Teen and Netgalley. 

I am an avid reader of fairytale retellings and I have never before seen a retelling of The Princess and the Pea. This alone was enough to convince me to give Emerald Bound a read.

There were many things to like here; there are two generally likeable heroines, some interesting villains, a cool concept…but I can’t help wishing there was more of all of the above. Whilst I enjoyed both Maggie and Lindy’s chapters, I was far more drawn to Lindy’s story and would have loved to more of the years she spent enslaved to her captors. Similarly Calista and Theo were interesting but underused; hearing more about their lives and motivations would have expanded by interest.

The concept was, I thought, extremely innovative. I loved the imagination behind the reworking of the pea under the mattress scenario. However my interest, once piqued, was never satisfied. Emerald Bound is a debut and is left of a bit of a cliffhanger, so I wonder whether some secrets are being kept back for a sequel? This hasn’t been confirmed, but as a reader I was hoping for more completion within Emerald Bound itself; especially regarding the way the “peas” worked their magic!

My only other gripe came from the “insta-attraction” between two of the main characters. I didn’t feel like it was particularly real and their feelings didn’t sell to me. However for the most part I could easily overlook this in favour of the imaginative retelling and the snappy writing which kept me moving swiftly along. Having a time limit within the story itself definitely added to the pace, keeping things escalating to an almost break-neck, nail biting finale.

Overall this is a fun and speedy read, recommended for its interesting storytelling. As a debut author Richards does some great writing; but I could have done without the romance. My eyes are peeled for a sequel!


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