Soul Finder

Author: Jacinta Maree

Date of Publication: 16th September 2016

Genre: Fantasy / Sci Fi

Rating: 4.5/5

I’ve been eagerly anticipating getting round to this since its release in September. I absolutely loved Soulless, and Soul Finder is a worthy sequel, picking up pretty much where its predecessor left off.

The thing I loved most about Soul Finder was its cast of characters. Maree is, and always has been, brutal in this series – characters stick around long enough for us to love them before we see them cruelly ripped away. The Immortal Gene Universe is a harsh and unforgiving one – the writing doesn’t shy away from that. Whilst Soul Finder followed suit, there were some nice additions to the cast, helping to flesh out Nadia’s story.

Nadia’s development as a toughened heroine continued to grow. A large part of her motivation comes from her need to find her sister, Annie. This is re-visited here in harrowing fashion, as is her relationship with Diesel. Writing a romantic interest with a character whose multiple past lives are as violent as they can be hateful can’t be an easy task. Maree’s ability to make the relationship between Diesel and Nadia at times sweet and soft whilst also often terrifying and painful is masterful. I love and hate their pairing in equal measure; and feel the bittersweet nature of the couple throughout. I felt Soul Finder gave us plenty of them together whilst also continuing to establish Nadia’s struggling for morality; something she and Diesel greatly differ on.

The overall plot arc of finding a way to stop the downfall of mankind developed little; every step forward was marred with two steps back. The introduction of a new main character was the most solid contribution and I’ll be interested to see how their part in the story plays out. However I didn’t mind the elongation, as it made the need for a sequel more real – and I certainly can’t wait to read the next installment after the cruel cliffhanger Soul Finder left me with!



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