Shadow Fall

Author: Audrey Grey

Date of Publication: 22nd November 2016

Genre: Sci Fi

Rating: 5/5 

This book was given to me in exchange for a fair review. My thanks go to Audrey Grey, Blaze Publishing and Netgalley. 

Oh my. Did you like the Hunger Games? The Maze Runner? Divergent? Good because Shadow Fall has glimmers of all of the above within it – plus a whole lot of original stuff too. Do you love a strong heroine in the same vein as Calaena Sardothien – part ruthless killer and part human being? Excellent, because Maia / Everley ticks that box. She even has a prince as one of her love interests. Are you a fan of Red Queen and the Lunar Chronicles, where people are divided into social classes based on little to nothing, and uprisings occur when people are oppressed in such a way for too long? You’re in the right place.

I freaking loved this. I’m not easily swayed by Sci Fi / Fantasy YA usually, and nine times out of ten a love triangle would instantly drop the rating. After reading so damn much of the stuff, my standards tend to be high. However Shadow Fall built its world and solidified its characters so well, I had no choice but to invest myself. More than anything in fact, the world was my biggest love. From social status to location, there was just enough to entice without giving everything away. So important is setting the scene that the Shadow Trials didn’t start until well over 50% into the book. I didn’t care – by that point I would have followed Everley and Riser anywhere.

Maia / Everley was a great heroine; inconsistent in a way which was organic to her story, sharp and soft at the same time, ruthless and yet compassionate. Her backstory, the battles she has already gone through and hardships she has faced, made her someone I rooted for from the very beginning. Riser, similarly, was a character I was instantly drawn to. Together they make one hell of a fictional couple. Side players were similarly compelling; even those who feature briefly left their impact.

My only gripe is that that cliffhanger. I don’t think I can wait for the sequel. A must read.


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