Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Jumper

Author: Debbie Johnson

Date of Publication: 5th November 2015

Genre: Romance

Synopsis: A dressmaker’s life crashes (literally) into that of an American lecturer. His injuries makes her his landlady / carer for a few weeks and romance ensues. 

Rating: 2/5

Festive Rating: 🎅🎅🎅

This is the eleventh in my #12DaysofChristmas read-a-thon! Each day I will post a review of a winter / Christmas related book. Hopefully this will give you some Xmas-inspo and give your holiday reading a boost!

Modern Yuletide romance, I suppose, can only go down so many avenues. Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Jumper brings to mind the unenviable Mark Darcy – wearing one of the most hideous Christmas Jumpers of all time. Whilst the lead here, Marco, is no Mark – he is certainly something to behold for single, middle aged Mom, Maggie. Incredibly well built, classically handsome and with a drool-worthy American accent – what’s not to like?

Well for me the downfall of Marco was that there was very little else to like; because his physical attributes seemed to sum up at least 75% of his character. In such a short book this isn’t exactly a sin – Maggie, our heroine, takes up most of the time (and many would say quite rightly too!) – but for me it was difficult to fall in love with Marco when there was so little of him beyond his Grecian God-like appearance.

Despite this, there’s some great stuff. There are some really heavy topics within the book which I thought the author handled with sensitivity and a sure hand. There are also plenty of great female characters besides Maggie – her eighteen year old daughter, for example, is elevated by the virtue of her being imperfect. Similarly I really liked Leah, Marco’s sister in law, and would have loved to see a prequel about her meeting her husband, Rob (does this already exist?! Let me know!). The setting of Oxford was also beautiful and I hadn’t read a romance set there before, so it was a nice change!

Overall for me this was a book which is rather like a Christmas jumper – I might pull it out once or twice during the festive season, but its enjoyment just isn’t lasting.


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