The Princess Diarist

Author: Carrie Fisher

Genre: Non-Fiction

Date of Publication: 18th October 2016

Synopsis: A recounting of, among other things, Fisher’s casting in Star Wars, the genesis of the famous Leia hairstyle and Fisher’s affair with Harrison Ford – as well as some of her diary entries during the period of filming episode four of the Star Wars series. 

Rating: 5/5

“I am always disappointed with someone who loves me – how perfect can he be if he can’t see through me?”

As a lifelong Star Wars fan, this was already on my radar. However with the recent and tragic passing of Carrie Fisher, I instantly elevated it to my first read of 2017 – and what a read it was.

A warning here – often Fisher’s thoughts are disordered and chaotic; she was a rambler. If you don’t think you’d like that then perhaps this isn’t the book for you. However this is also painfully heartfelt in a way which makes you breathe that little bit harder and labour over each page – especially the diary entries themselves. Fisher’s insecurity and self consciousness radiates through in the forms of disjointed sentences and poetry. She is candid about her teenage years and the beginnings of her foray into the world of Star Wars and celebrity.

She also goes into some detail about her affair with Harrison Ford during the filming of episode four. This too is bittersweet – with Fisher clearly developing feelings which Ford doesn’t return. There’s nothing explicit or titillating about her account. Instead she reveals the emotional affair she felt she had (and the lack of one which Ford seemed to experience).

Carrie Fisher seemed like a witty, expressive, creative woman. For all her struggles she writes with a brutal and compelling honesty which captured me as a reader from the first page. Her loss is one the world is bereft by. This, her last work, is an absolute must read.


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