Author: Susan Dennard

Date of Publication: 5th January 2016

Genre: Fantasy

Synopsis: Safi and Iseult, Threadsisters and long time friends, become embroiled in a game of cat and mouse. They are chased by a myriad of people, all who want to get hold of Safi’s unique power to tell when people speak the truth… 

Rating: 3/5 

Hmm. Apologies in advance if this review seems rambling or nonsensical. If it is, it’s because I’m really note sure how I feel about this book.

Truthwitch was massively hyped when it first came out a year ago. It was bought for me as a present last Christmas and it kept lingering around the top of my TBR pile. Finally, when Windwitch was on the precipice of being released, I decided it was time to commit and read this. Perhaps it was the hype that did it, or the waiting, or a mixture of the two. Either way, I found myself non-plussed for the first 150 pages. There were moments of action, adventure and fun but mostly I just felt a little…bored.

I can’t really say why this is. I liked Safi and Iseult, I really liked Aeduan and the magic within the world was interesting to me. However everything seemed a little flat, a little forced. It wasn’t until I was about a third of the way in that I felt Dennard really fell into her storytelling – the characters becoming more rich and the weaving of their stories becoming more substantial. By the end I was becoming invested in the stories, but it had taken too long for me to get there.

Whilst I think the characterisation is good overall Safi occasionally strayed into the realms of the ridiculous for me, and Merik was only occasionally enjoyable to read. I must preferred the Iseult and Aduean chapters. There were times at which the plot felt muddy because there were so many characters interests to be served – ensemble casts are never easy and Dennard does occasionally struggle with balancing a plot with a multitude of characters.

By the end I was set on reading the sequel, which is all the Dennard’s talent at pulling me back in. Usually you will see a writer improve over the course of a series – rarely do you see such improvement over the course of a single book. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next, but beware the hype.


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