A Second Chance at Life

Author: Kassandra Lynn

Date of Publication: 14th February 2017

Genre: Fantasy

Synopsis: A scorned wife and sister dies; disgraced and alone at the hands of those she trusted most. However a magical amulet grants her a second chance at living, taking her back to two years before her death. Can different choices change her future? 

Rating: 3/5 

This was provided in exchange for an honest review. My thanks go to Kassandra Lynn and Netgalley for the opportunity. 

Do you ever find yourself gripped by a book, whilst simultaenously exasperated by it? That’s a little bit how I felt about A Second Chance of Life. The idea of the main character, Elaina, going back to two years before her death to have a second shot at all the things she got wrong the first time around is an interesting one. However whilst I enjoyed the story and found that Lynn has a real talent for always keeping the plot moving (her pacing is brutally fast but in this context I really enjoyed that), Elaina definitely has some issues.

She’s alternately badass and wimpy, a player of the game and the one being played. I didn’t feel any of her nemises were particularly cunning or devious (just plain evil in Sonia’s case) but they still managed to outwit Elaina at least half of the time. The inconsistency threw me off more than once. Saying that I liked the idea of this alternate world in which etiquette is almost more stringent than in Victorian England. You touched a lady’s hand. She’s your wife now, bud. It added a slow burn to the romantic elements which I thought worked nicely.

My only other criticism would be that everyone is described as beautiful and every man within a hundred yard that isn’t a direct relation to Elaina is a potential love interest. I can understand this in some cases, but with Wayne (youngest son of a General and potential love match number three) I felt it was massively unecessary. He was brought it for about five pages as a new romantic interest, only to be sidelined paragraphs later as Lynn returned to her main romantic focus.

This for me was above all, fun. I could almost see it being a Harlequin title; light, quick to read and enjoyable on a surface level. It was just what I wanted in the moment and so gets my recommendation. However be warned; there are a couple of points in which you’ll want to put this down. Don’t do it. Power through and you will be rewarded.

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