Magic Study

Author: Maria V Snyder

Date of Publication: 1st October 2006

Genre: Fantasy

Synposis: Book #2 of the “Study” series; Yelena travels to her true home of Sitia to find her family and learn how to train her magic. As usual she finds herself knee deep in intrigue.

Rating: 5/5

Okay, we might be here a while.
It’s no secret that I absolutely loved Poison Study – and that although I loved the romance, the adventure, the plot; my main love was the main character. Yelena is for me the heroine I feel I’ve been searching for in fantasy. She’s a person. Whilst Yelena is brave and funny and immensely likeable, she can also be arrogant, headstrong and childish. I never said I wanted perfect and I feel like Maria Snyder really gets that.
Don’t worry, I’m not going to spend the whole review waxing lyrical about Yelena. However Magic Study, for me, does a great job of building on the character I loved so much in the first instalment. There was a lot going on in Poison Study; a slowly developing romance, introducing a new world, a plethora of fascinating and fun side characters, and over-arching bad guy plot…
I mean come on. That’s a lot. And it was done really well. In Magic Study I felt like a lot more of the focus was put on Yelena. Firstly, she finds her parents (who I love). But she also finds her brother (who is a bit of a dick, but it works) as well as her home. This rediscovering of her roots helps her transition into the idea that the world she always believed to be home actually left her with a big feeling of disconnect. And this theme is played upon even more when she goes to learn how to control her magic; a vital part of her being which she’s spent two decades being completely ignorant about. I liked the development, the way it helped me as a reader understand Yelena better, even as she herself went on a journey of discovery.
Yes, I will admit, there’s a lack of Valek. He spends an almost painful amount of time out of frame. As hard as that was to accept, ultimately I think that’s a good thing. Their scenes together, whilst brief, felt meaningful to me and the lack of overall interaction between the two characters is kind of part of the quirk of them as a couple. They’re in love but they’re not attached at the hip. Both are independent entities with their own responsibilities and goals. They can be everything to each other without being everything to each other. I like that. A lot.
Once again the side characters were tremendously well realised. I absolutely loved Irys in this book, and having talking horses has made my reading year (did anyone read The Star-Touched QueenI was getting Kamala withdrawals!). I also liked the depth of the not so nice characters, such as Cahil. He went on a journey and I hope to God he is the big bad of the third book in the series because that will be awesome.
If I were to criticise at all, my only negative would be that I wanted more depth in the big bad. Although he was nefarious to the extreme, I didn’t feel his presence was ominous enough to be the main rival. He did terrible things and I thought the victims were written with heart-breaking sensitivity and tenderness. But as this “mystery” was reaching throughout the entire book, it occasionally felt a little flat for me.
Despite this small niggle, I would a thousand times recommend Magic Study, and it’s predecessor. It’s the kind of books I write reviews for – where the words pour out and you have to physically stop yourself enthusing all the way to the end of the word count. Will be seeking out the next ASAP!

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